Our Strategic Approach

REACH is a strategy for accomplishing mission with excellence.
A Division strategy should be so simple, clear, and focused that each member can know the essential parts by heart.  REACH templates are simple to use by unions, conferences, institutions, and individual churches.
In Christ’s day, a “top-down” approach was more characteristic of the Roman army than of His church (Matthew 20:27).  Even today, people are more likely to support a movement that they’ve made their own.
“if they speak the same language, the Lord said of the Tower of Babel builders, nothing will be impossible to them” Genesis 11:6-9).  When the entities of the Church decide to use similar language and collaborate in our strategies, we will move the world!  (Testimonies, Vol. 9, p. .221)
They may be freely revised and revamped according to local needs. A REACH style manual is available without charge at the Communications Department of the North American Division Office.
The same REACH processes may be used essentially by any organizational entity—unions, conferences, the NAD Office, or individual churches.