Our Message

We believe the Seventh-day Adventist Church was called by God to deliver a special, Christ-centered message for these end times. It is a message of Hope and Wholeness.
A Message of Hope  
Our Church has been charged to reach North America and the world with a distinctive message.  It is a message modeled in the life of Christ, illustrated by Sanctuary truths, communicated by the prophets throughout the ages and succinctly expressed in the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14:6-12.  This special message points prophetically to His second coming—a concept that is embroidered in our very name, Seventh-day Adventists
A Message of Wholeness  
Our distinctive, Christ-centered message not only points toward the future—it adds abundant life to the present!  Health of body, mind, and spirit invariably lifts humanity up to higher planes of living. Hundreds of scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of our Adventist message of health.  Our ideas of education involve the harmonious development of the whole person--physical, mental, spiritual, and social—extending from life on this earth through eternity.