Our Identity

The North American Division (NAD) can be thought of in two ways:
First, the NAD constitutes the territory with the North American Division—a geography that extends from Bermuda to the east to Guam-Micronesia to the west
It is one of thirteen geographic divisions that make up the Seventh-day Adventist World Church.
Second, the NAD is an Office that serves nine constituent unions of the Churchand—in some instances—the conferences and churches within its borders.
The mission of the North American Division Office is to provide strategic leadership, coordination, resourcing and other value-added services that transcend the scope of unions and other constituent entities within its borders.
Below are examples of these value-added services—

  • Promotes system-wide strategies for evangelism
  • Oversees a church media/branding/marketing strategy
  • Inspires cross-union dialogue and collaboration
  • Assesses needs and researches trends impacting our territory
  • Provides value-added, system-wide services and resources
  • Promotes church/higher education collaboration
  • Coordinates and advises in division-wide policy formation
  • Assists in the selection and orientation of leadership
  • Coordinates  ongoing dialogue with lay entities
  • Conducts an educational system for our children and youth
  • Represents the NAD to the World Church
  • Coordinates ministerial/Seminary preparation
  • Leads out in a collaborative plan to engage our youth
  • Promotes equity and human relations across the system
  • Provide IT and financial services at good economies of scale