Revival & Transformation

VISION:  All churches throughout the NAD experience a revival that results in life-changing transformations.  All church members of the NAD enjoy a vibrant and joyful relationship with Christ.
Building Block

  1.  Retention of young adults to the Church through a revitalized campus ministries program along with Spirit-filled Church activities that engage their interests and energies  One of the six NAD Strategic Priorities 

Other areas of focus

  1. An active prayer ministry throughout the North American Division territory that has the encouragement, collaboration and support of all unions and conferences
  1. A suite of field-tested resources and services to unions, conferences, and churches that add value to private and corporate worship  
  1. Field-tested resources in the area of stewardship ministry that promote liberality and enlightened giving   

Members and their leaders will spend more time with God in private devotions.  Church services, while reverent, will be joyous, engaging opportunities for spiritual renewal to persons of all ages.