Healthy Leadership & Management

Vision:  As God’s stewards and ambassadors, the North American Division aims to become the world’s best-run organization as a reflection of God’s ideal for us.  
Areas of Focus

  1. A coordinated system of orientation, mentoring, and developing church leaders—within NAD, union, and conference offices
  1. A Strategic Plan for the NAD Office itself with sample templates, resources, and encouragement for all church organizations and institutions to have their own individualized strategic plans in place to accomplish our corporate mission
  1. A systematic process of assessing needs and researching opportunities within our NAD territory to help the Church respond more promptly and effectively to the rapid changes impacting our Division
  1. Promoting a collaborative process to “reach excellence” and improve the leadership and management of all entities within our division
  1. An effective and strategic use of IT  and financial services in strengthening the organizational health of entities within our NAD territory