Education for Discipleship

Vision: Churches, schools, and homes combining to become a learning and discipling center for members of all ages that includes connecting with God, other members of the church family, and the surrounding community.
Building Block

  1.  Adventist education for everyone using innovative online modalities to increase the enrollment of school-age children and youth but also to enable the local church to serve as a key community learning center  One of the six NAD Strategic Building Blocks 

Other areas of focus

  1. Discipling resources and services to unions, conferences, and churches that help active and inactive members grow in their relationship with God (revival), their church family/home (alignment), and the community (outreach)
  1. Working collaboratively with unions and conferences ministerial offices to help disciple pastors and inspire them to be full partners in accomplishing the mission of the Church
  1. Strategic collaboration between the Church and Adventist higher education that extends discipleship experience to college-age youth and young adults