Community Outreach & Evangelism

Vision:  North American Division organizations of every type combine their efforts in communicating Adventism’s distinctive message of hope and wholeness to every person within the NAD territory with a focus on big cities.  
Building Blocks

  1.  Evangelism and outreach—specifically targeted to large cities and native-born Americans—that tap the convergent energies and collaborative talents of all  One of the six NAD Strategic Building Blocks 
  1.  coherent media strategy—with an emphasis on social media--that best accomplishes the mission of the Church in reaching its internal and external audiences One of the six NAD Strategic Building Blocks 
  1.  Evangelism targeted to emerging immigrant people groups that use new technologies and resources to educate and involve both leaders and members in successfully engaging these people-groups  One of the six NAD Strategic Building Blocks 

Other areas of focus

  1. health outreach program—in cooperation with unions, conferences, and NAD Adventist Health systems--that builds positive community awareness of and affinity for our Church  
  1. A periodic assessment of public awareness of, and affinity, for the Seventh-day Adventist Church within the North American Division territory