Alignment within the Church

Vision: Our diverse church family enriched and unified by our love for God and by our ability to relate effectively with others to the extent that we will be known by the world as people of love.
Building Block

  1.  Extending the potential and practice of women clergy  in terms of better member education, increased mentoring, and administrative recruitment, support, and affirmation  One of the six NAD Strategic Building Blocks

Other areas of focus

  1. A well-defined strategy with action plan for aligning segments of the Church divided by age, ethnicity, ideology, gender, disabilities, and other characteristics
  1. A concrete strategy with action plans to better align health care with the mission, values, and strategy of the World and North American Church 
  1. Concrete strategies to better align ministerial/seminary education and higher education with the mission, values, and REACH strategy of the Church

Enhanced working relationships between General Conference, NAD, union, and conference organizations to enhance collaborative effort and to reduce waste, duplication, and fragmentation