Step 4: Execute Your Plans With Excellence

Once a strategy has been set, communicated, and planned for, it must be consistently reinforced.  This happens when every process and activity in your organization is structured in a way that reinforces mission. This includes hiring, orientation, worships, performance reviews, staff meetings, social occasions, training, and recognition.  The leadership team must take a personal interest in seeing that missional strategy is embedded in everything the organization does. . 
Behavior A – Prior Year’s Planning: The Cost Center Meeting
When completed, the Annual Roadmaps are presented during the fall of the year to a small cost center conference involving the ministry leader, the leader’s supervisor, the treasurer, and an appointee.  Input from the cost center meetings helps formulate budgets for the ensuing year.  This input is then channeled to a decision-making team who weighs the relative merits of all proposals and decides on the final allocations.
Behavior B – Preparation of a Calendar of Activities and Events
Once budgets have been finalized, planning can begin on the activities and events for the coming year to accomplish mission. A centralized on-line calendar system keeps the entire organization aligned around key events.
Behavior C – Energize, inspire, and document effectiveness

  • Healthy organizations use meetings, devotions, retreats as a way to inspire greatness and keep a laser-like focus on mission.
  • The role of leadership is to “build capacity” in those you lead so that THEY may become effective--the ultimate measure of your success.
  • If you assess what you wish to accomplish BEFORE you begin a project, you’re able to document growth and impact. Important!

Behavior D – Performance Excellence for Everyone
From the time funds are voted, people hired, and plans laid, mission-driven organizations pursue excellence in the following ways:
       1. Everyone participates in a program of assessment and growth
       2. Everyone embarks upon personalized and continuous learning
       3. Everyone is affirmed for unusually outstanding work(Matt 25:21)
High expectations become a way of life in excellent church organizations!