Build a Mission Driven Strategy!

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Extraordinary Results

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A Strategic Plan is only a piece of paper until it is implemented. This section describes five simple but non-negotiable steps churches and church organizations need to take in order for strategy to result in excellence and mission accomplishment. Included with the narrative are practical tools that leaders can download, adapt, and use. View related resources
  • Execution

  • Start with your team
  • Create organizational clarity
  • Connect mission to everyday
  • Execute plans with excellence


Growth is a sign of health. Healthy church organizations provide for the continuous growth of their leaders, staff, and members. A variety of growth experiences need to be available for the varied needs of each person. Certification and coaching are widely used approaches for providing personalized nurture. Resources for leader growth are described in this section. View related resources
  • Growth

  • Start with Growth plan
  • Certification and training
  • Growth experiences
  • Monitor progress, outcomes
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A strategic plan is a design that spells out in writing how an organization can reach its goals in the most effective way. The North American Division’s strategy—REACH—was voted October 2011. Although unions, conferences, institutions, and congregations construct their strategies in very different ways, the hope is that all strategies will unify around very basic, Division-wide REACH principles. Easy-to-modify templates and other resources, in this section, help take the tedium out of the planning process. View related resources
  • Strategic Plan

  • Start with a clear mission
  • Core Values (example REACH)
  • Priorities (example NAD Blocks)
  • Annual accountabilities


The two dimensions on the right side of the Blueprint for Excellence focus on individual and leader development. Organizations are only as effective and healthy as the individuals who work and worship there—persons who are competent in fulfilling their strategic, mission-related assignments. Procedures for setting up a system to assess leaders and staff as a basis for growth are outlined in this section. View related resources
  • Assessment

  • Start with Core Competencies
  • Assessment process
  • Performance profile
  • Dialogue over results

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Organizations rarely advance higher than the caliber of their leaders. Leaders are pivotal to the planning and implementation of successful strategy. In this section, carefully selected articles relate to the identification and development of competent Christian leaders. View related resources

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Inspired Biblical Counsel

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” (Proverbs 9:10; italics ours). In contrast with humanistic models, the North American Division’s model of strategy puts God first. A Spirit-filled approach does not negate the need for rigorous planning and analysis. To the contrary, prayer, testimony, and counsel from the Bible and other inspired writings provide the context for genuine and lasting change—a change that begins in the heart of every leader and member. Resources foundational to the strategic process are located here. View related resources

Transformative Thought

Long ago Ellen White counseled that leaders “in responsible positions should improve continually. They must not anchor upon an old experience, and feel that it is not necessary to become scientific workers” (Testimonies, Vol.4, p.93). Excellence requires the endless search for improved ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Highly selective articles from seminal thoughts leaders are found here. View related resources

Research Findings

Strategic planning relies on a good knowledge of reality. The book of Numbers describes how the Israelites conducted census and sent spies in order to plan the conquest of Canaan. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is more necessary than ever to “spy out” the changing trends that impact the present and future of the Church and its entities. Summaries of selected church research studies that influence strategy appear here. View related resources

Church Policy and Polity

The North American Division Executive Committee sets policy for our Division. Certain GC and NAD committee actions are taken that affect the governance of organizations within NAD territory. Periodic updates will endeavor to keep members and their leaders current on emerging developments. A summary of policy and governance items that influence and impact NAD strategy are located here. View related resources