What is Reach North American Division?  ReachNAD is a church-based strategy for accomplishing mission with excellence.  It is not a program. The Reach strategy consists of the following (click on each for more detail):

  • mission statement to guide the direction of churches throughout the NAD. This Christ-centered statement focuses on reaching people in our territory with two Adventist distinctives: “hope” and “wholeness.”                                                                       
  • A set of REACH organizational values that define what is of most important to us as a Church.  These five values were arrived at after months of input and discussion.  They may be helpful to you.
  • Strategic priorities, such as the Building Blocks, that help us attain our mission.  Strategic priorities are big, audacious goals that are multi-year in scope but that change from time to time as new situations emerge.
  • process for becoming mission-driven church organizations of excellence—a five-step process is described in the book Becoming a Mission-driven Church (Pacific Press, 2015).  A “must” for every church pastor, church board member, and church officer.

We are diverse—our churches, conference offices, schools, and health-care organizations.  Yet, we all share one thing in common:  Mission!  Our common mission is to “reach the NAD with the Christ-centered message of Hope and Wholeness.”  ReachNAD, therefore, is all of us.  ReachNAD is YOU!