Step 3: Connect mission and vision to everyday
The Annual Roadmap (or its equivalent) serves a vital function. It links multi-year strategy to the day-to-day operations of each officer, leader, and staff member.  Many strategic plans flounder in failing to make this transfer.  As a result strategy never connects with the real world.
Behavior A – Each office or department of your church organization should complete the Annual Roadmap (or equivalent) which consists of a simple, one-page plan that contains the following components: Copies of blanks and samples will be online at the link below: www.ReachNAD.com/AnnualRoadmapBLANK R208. Watch for release details.

Behavior B – Create a dashboard of success indicators
“What gets measured gets done.”  It is important from the beginning to make sure that there is wide-spread buy-in that indicators of excellence are fair, comprehensive, and methodologically defensible. www.ReachNAD.org?ExcellenceIndicators R220.


To help all churches and church organizations within the NAD plan strategically and collaboratively in order to reach excellence and accomplish mission

1. MISSION:  What is the purpose of your office?  How does it contribute toward the mission of your organization?
2. BHAG:  What is the most important BHAG that you would like to accomplish over the next two to four years?
3. DESIRED OUTCOMES:  What are the RESULTS you expect to accomplish by the end of the year that would move your office toward missional excellence?
4. What ACTIVITIES and EVENTS do you propose that will help your office reach the desired outcomes you’ve set above?
5. What RESOURCES do you need to implement these activities and events?  Are they covered by your existing budget or are special appropriations desired?
6. SUCCESS INDICATORS:  How will “success” be measured?
What will your office deliver?
7.  SUPERVISION:  How can the person to whom you report provide you the coaching and support you need for you to be successful?