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Every church organization wants to be “excellent” – every local congregation, every local conference, union, and NAD/GC.  But excellence never happens without a strategy.
Strategy is a disciplined plan for accomplishing mission with excellence.  Ellen White makes a startling statement: "It is a sin to be . . . purposeless. . . in any work in which we engage, but especially in the work of God.”   RH, March 18, 1884.
This is not a promotional website.  It merely offers a succinct but reliable model to help any church or church organization wishing to enhance its effectiveness and better accomplish mission.  It is based on both inspired writings and research.
The Mission-driven Strategy model is easy to understand but does require tenacious commitment and follow-through.  Most resources are free.  They will be constantly updated for effectiveness, so check back frequently.  Let us know what works well and what doesn’t.  Our phone numbers are listed below.
Our office is “at your service” with resources and consultation services available in the areas of strategic planning, research, and assessment that can help you—and all of us—be the world’s best run organizations “to the glory of God.” 

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IMPORTANT!  Before attempting to use or introduce this model, first read GETTING STARTED: Preparing to build a Reach-inspired, mission-driven strategy.



To help all churches and church organizations within the NAD plan strategically and collaboratively in order to reach excellence and accomplish mission